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We use data to help make and validate decisions, customized to each client: Every job is customized to the client’s corporate climate, competitive position, sense of urgency, and resources. The emphasis on rigorously derived, validated solutions to problems we tackle.

Incorporate the voice of the customer into business decisions:  Customers "speak" through purchase decisions, service usage, complaints, survey responses, and defection. Companies "respond" through products/services, pricing, delivery channels, customer care processes, incentives, and advertising.  The Artemis Group helps clients listen (by analyzing data) and respond profitably (simulate performance and financial impact of initiatives).

Attract the right customers profitably: To Attract the right customers, we help understand customers' needs, define critical market segments, profile customers with high value or high defection risk, optimize the return on marketing campaigns, and build sales initiatives.

Deliver service that strengthens customer loyalty: To Deliver service that strengthens customer loyalty, The Artemis Group analytically integrates survey &/or transaction data to identify competitive service levels, identify drivers of customer delight or dissatisfaction.

Flag high-value customers: Not all customers are worth retaining and some high value customers deserve enhanced service to ensure retention.  By building models to assess the  value of each customers and their defection risk index,  we help companies build a flexible, profitable  service delivery and churn management strategy to maximize return.

Increase shareholder value: Return on investment (ROI) is one business metric for comparing the value to your company of various corporate initiatives: sales, marketing, product delivery, and customer service programs.  Starting from your corporate information assets we can develop a strategy to determine the ROI of your initiatives and integrate it into your business processes.

Help maintain a strong competitive position: Becoming or staying the market leader means making the right decisions between competing factors, e.g., price and quality.  We provide consulting and tools that help decision makers quantify the trade-offs and allow simulation of the results in the following areas: Measurement-driven compensation and goal setting, Financial impact modeling, Performance simulators, and Initiative tracking and impact


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