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Susan J. Devlin: Founding Principal


  • Bell Laboratories researcher in Statistics

  • Built Bellcore’s Measurements Consulting group  

  • Helped design Bellcore’s measurement, incentive
    and quality programs

  • Initiated a churn management strategy for
    communications company

Susan Devlin is a founding principal of The Artemis Group.


Susan brings to the Artemis Group extensive experience as an analyst and manager of technical projects. From 1968 to 1983 she did advanced statistical research and consulting at Bell Laboratories, continuing this role at Bellcore from 1984 through 1986.  At the beginning of 1987, she was asked to build Bellcore’s Measurements Research consulting organization, a multi-disciplinary group of experts in measuring service quality from the customers’ perspective. At both Bellcore and The Artemis Group, Susan has helped companies redesign their customer feedback systems, define process thresholds that meet to customer requirements, build employee incentives, set realistic, competitive objectives, and design sales incentive plans. 


Susan was also the director of Bellcore’s corporate measurement program.  In this role, she redesigned Bellcore’s corporate measurements and employee and officer incentive plans, helped build Bellcore’s quality program, and was a key contributor to Bellcore’s achieving ISO9000 certification. 


Susan has a BS cum laude in mathematics from William Smith College and a MS in statistics from Rutgers University, where she also completed all course work and exams for a PhD in statistics.  She has published more than 30 papers in statistical and managerial journals or books and is a sought-after lecturer.  She is active in several professional associations, including the American Statistical Association, American Marketing Association, American Society for Quality, and Caucus for Women in Statistics. 
Outside of her professional activities, Susan is an avid sailor and enjoys weaving and woodworking.


John H. Hughes: Founding Principal


  • Developed and implemented  
    actionable customer feedback systems 

  • Aligned companies’ internal process measures with customer requirements

  • Used surveys to manage vendor quality 

  • Knows the politics of managing/using customer measures within a large company

John Hughes is a founding principal of The Artemis Group.

John has considerable breadth and depth of experience in planning and managing technical projects. He has focused primarily on capturing customer perceptions and integrating them into business processes.  


Prior to founding The Artemis Group, John worked at Bellcore as a senior consultant, helping clients to develop customer feedback systems and to take action from customer feedback.  


John also managed Bellcore’s Internal Support Services surveys where he helped internal service managers use customer feedback to manage quality of both Bellcore employees and vendors as they redesigned services to lower costs. Consonant with these efforts to improve internal service, John worked extensively with Human Resources to identify employee issues that interfered with service quality.


In his role at Bellcore and now at The Artemis Group, John has conducted interviews and focus groups with hundreds of business’ customers and employees, designed many customer and employee surveys, and developed reporting procedures to communicate results effectively within a business.  John has helped clients align internal measures and objectives to customer requirements by using customer feedback to set priorities, map the priorities to internal processes, link them to internal measures, and guide managers in appropriate use of the data to take action.


John has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Rutgers University with expertise in the areas of human language, perception, and memory.  His undergraduate degree is in Aerospace Engineering.


When out of the office, John enjoys visiting art museums, painting, and drawing.


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